Community of Neighbors since 1924


We are proud to have built an excellent neighborhood and a diverse community since 1924.
At Parkwood, we understand how our community reflects our values. In keeping with its long and distinguished history of hospitality and timeless elegance, our community is one you can truly call home. In working together, we are committed to security, progress and safety for children and families.


The PDCC Board will be joining with the community within the borders of South MacGregor to Old Spanish Trail and Scott Street to SH 288 to apply for the installation of speed bumps (speed cushions) on appropriate streets. Seven or eight years ago an attempt was thwarted due to “lack of avail ....
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Houston is famous for being the only major U.S. city without formal zoning. Why don’t we use zoning? And what does it matter anyway? Here, we prefer not to have a central regulator telling us the best use for our property. Instead, we actually believe that property owners themselves are best able ....
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