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Parkwood Drive Civic Club 2019 Annual Meeting

The Parkwood Drive Civic Club (PDCC), invites you to join us for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Come hear about news and events impacting the neighborhood and elect new board members. Guest Speaker on Reverse Mortgages
Sunday, November 17, 2019, 2pm - 5pm at the The Forge for Families

3435 Dixie Dr., Houston, TX 77021.



The extreme summer heat in Houston can be dangerous. If you’re working outside, make sure you drink enough fluids (but not so much water that you dilute your electrolytes), and watch for signs of heat stress. Check in on your neighbors who are in poor health or lack air conditioning.  If you or your neighbors lack air conditioning, reach out to the civic club for help finding air conditioned places that you can go to and escape the midday heat.

The new civic club web site is being developed at Check it out!

The Houston Police Department DRT (differential response team) responds to: 

Dope Houses- Identifies owner and sends them citations for a court appearance.

Abandoned Buildings- Officers find owners and sends out citations.  Follow-ups are made until the problem is solved.

Vacant Lots- Owner is contacted and sent a citation.  The city will cut the lot if owner cannot be contacted and a lien is put on the property.

Also you can report animal cruelty, illegal dumping, unlicensed businesses and other issues related to crime, safety and quality of life.

Call and report problems to 713-884-3131 with a detailed description.  DRT works along with the Neighborhood Protection Dept.

Neighborhood Protection has moved to 7125 Ardmore @ Yellowstone.  The number is 832-394-0600.  When calling for assistance, call 311 first for an SR# (site request), then call NP with the problem and SR#.  The contract compliance section of NP deals with burned buildings ASAP.


President- Elizabeth Bray 713-465-4618 

Vice President- Verlinda Higgins

Recording Secretary- Richard Cardosa

Financial Secretary- Pamela Egby

Treasurer- Raffaele Sepe


Ernestine Dansby

Vivian Andoh

Lynn Henson

Alphonso Lloyd

Aundrea Young

Marian Robinson

Juan Madera

Brenda Rogers (ex-officio)


Finance- R. Sepe (Chair) / P. Egby / B. Rogers

Membership / Block Captains- P. Egby (Chair) / M. Robinson

Communications- B. Rogers (Chair) / E. Bray / V. Higgins /S. Pennings,

Grievances- E. Bray (Chair) / B. Rogers

Events- Richard Cardoso / Juan Madera (Co-Chairs) / A. Young

Architectural/Deed Restrictions- A. Lloyd (Chair) / L. Henson

Welcome / Condolences / Elders- V. Andoh (Chair) / E. Dansby / E. Bray

Maintenance- E. Bray (Chair)


Name                              Phone                                               Block (#)

Elizabeth Bray                713-465-4618                                   Ardmore (20)

Tonia Browder                                                                         3200 Charleston (20)

Ernestine Dansby           713-874-1600 / 713-747-0307         3300 Charleston (45)

Shirley Baham                713-748-7296                                   Del Rio (5)

Pamela Egby                  713-747-7985                                   Milburn (20)

Vivian Andoh                  713-748-5427                                   Oakmont (8)

Alphonso Lloyd               713-305-2259                                   3200 Ozark (20)

Verlinda Higgins            713-741-9819                                   3300 Ozark (35)

Brenda Rogers               713-747-1541                                   3200 Parkwood (15)

Lynn Henson                  713-747-0228                                   3300 Parkwood (28)

Brenda Rogers               713-747-1541                                   Shenandoah (15)

Aundrea Young               832-724-5300                                   South MacGregor (20)

Oscar Johnson                713-748-0837                                   3200 Tampa (10)

Marian Robinson            713-748-5973                                   3300 Tampa (25)


This email newsletter is edited by Steven Pennings. You can email him with suggested items to include ( Please send email address updates to Steve and to Brenda Rogers (, Communications chairman.

Ad Hoc Riverside Terrace Safety Committee

Ad Hoc Riverside Terrace Safety Committee

2016 Committee Members:Elizabeth Bray | Charic Daniels (Chair) / Lionel Jellins | Kamisha Escoto | Mark McDonald | Dorsey Perry | Dana Raspberry | John Salazar | Aundrea and Richard Young

If you would like to help with Safety in our community contact:

Become a member of PDCC

Become a member of PDCC

Want to join the PDCC house? Be involved in great activities, advocate for your interest, protect & improve our community?
For more details, click here

Speed Bump Application Project Begins
The PDCC Board will be joining with the community within the borders of South MacGregor to Old Spanish Trail and Scott Street to SH 288 to apply for the installation of speed bumps (speed cushions) on appropriate streets. Seven or eight years ago an attempt was thwarted due to “lack of available funds”. 
The City of Houston Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) now manages speed bump applications as a part of its mission to “improve neighborhood quality of life” by implementing “Traffic Calming” measures such as speed cushions, traffic circles, and median islands.
The application process requires active participation from the community of affected residents. The community selects a Neighborhood Traffic Committee” (NTC) to work with the City of Houston. Planning includes a traffic study to gather traffic data which determines eligibility.

PDCC Good Deeds
Houston is famous for being the only major U.S. city without formal zoning. Why don’t we use zoning? And what does it matter anyway? Here, we prefer not to have a central regulator telling us the best use for our property. Instead, we actually believe that property owners themselves are best able to pursue their own interests. That means that property owners in a particular neighborhood can use Deed Restrictions —which are just another type of contract—to restrict the use of their property in a way that they all agree advances their interests.
Deed restrictions can be used to ensure predictable property use and to preserve the character of a neighborhood. 
Among other things, in our neighborhood deed restrictions ensure development is limited to single-family houses that are set back far enough from the road, aren’t too high, and are on lots that can’t be subdivided.

Upcoming Events

Every 4th Wednesday
The PDCC community is welcome to join us at our monthly Board Meetings. Meetings are held every 4th Wednesday 7-8:30 pm at:

The Forge for Families,
3435 Dixie Dr,
Houston TX

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2018 (3 PM – 5 PM)

The Parkwood Drive Civic Club invites members to enjoy another fun-filled, festive time with each other while creating large lighted Christmas balls to decorate their yards for the holiday season. The civic club will provide the chicken wire to make the balls. Please be sure to bring several strings of outdoor LED or incandescent lights wrap around the balls. We will also have craft activities for kids.
Venue: Toni Middleton-Lewis
3612 Rio Vista (Driveway)

What to bring:*Several strings of
outdoor LED or incandescent lights, work gloves, small wire cutters

The Parkwood Drive Civic Club (PDCC), invites you to join us at the PDCC 2018 Annual Meeting.
You will have the opportunity to listen to our special guest speaker, vote on the Board Elections and PDCC leadership, discuss safety and security and hear important updates or news for the neighborhood.


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